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Pamela R. Dukes, MHS

Owner Pamela Dukes

Pamela has worked in the helping filed for over 20 years. Currently, the CEO of By Grace Counseling Services and the new project expansion of I’m Still Standing By Grace. The level of compassion for the population that is high-risk is her calling.


Pamela is motivated and full of tenacity. I love reaching for the impossible. Something that I continue to learn in life is that if you set higher goals than you ever imagined and shoot for them, if you do not totally succeed, at least you will be somewhere in the arena of your goals.


I am a God-fearing woman and I truly believe that life tosses things our way to improve the quality of your life. I am not done with my journey because my goal is to be a name known within households and business industries throughout the United States.


After I accomplish that goal, I am going to move to the world-wide cultures to empower myself and others about the calling that I know that God has on my life.


Stay tuned: “The best is yet to come”


I'm Still Standing by Grace is a regional behavioral health care and certified substance abuse treatment center that provides comprehensive and caring services to adults and their families.