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Care and Love

I came to by grace from prison n i would not be where im at today without ms.pam n the counselors at by grace i have a full time job. Im getting ready to get my own place and im not looking back. Ms.pam and the counselors at by grace care more about your recovery than u do. They really got to know me as the man i want to be and they pushed me to success. They can tell if im in my head and they really get you to get gut honest . They care and love on you when you think nobody else will. So thank you ms.pam,adrain,mr.johnny,mr.carl,ms.vera,ms.sherry,mr.bill,ms.chanel,mr.james,mr.daneil.


I'm Still Standing by Grace is a regional behavioral health care and certified substance abuse treatment center that provides comprehensive and caring services to adults and their families.